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How Recertop work on a new product?
  Form: Rick    Date : 2019/4/24    『Back

Every year Recertop spends a lot on new fishing lure research and design, including our own new products and OEM products from customer, in order to keep all work well-regulated, a fixed process for new product is necessary. We always do like this.

Marketing and Sales Dept. will have a internal meeting 2 months before the coming new year, marketing and customers’ demands are well considered. After that we know what do fisherman want and what’s their target species.

After the frame come out, the ideas will be passed to designer, 3-5 or more draft drawings are needed and only one will be selected from the marketing department. After the final drawing done, making body assortments sample and test the samples in pool is significant, swimming action must be correct.

The last process is the mold tooling, mold is related directly to the lure quality, cutting, quenching and polish, all are precision work. First mold test production samples need to check all data and test swimming action again.

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